FFBExecute (WIP)

What is FFBExecute?

FFBExecute is a series of utilities and tools to control your android device.  It has been customized to focus on FFBE, but it could be used for other apps if additional views and scripts are created.


  • Runs on a…
    • Raspberry PI
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
  • Control via a web page
  • Customization via scripting


  • Java 1.8
  • ADB
  • Developer Mode enabled on Device
  • Compatible device with a screen resolution of 1080×1920.

How do I get FFBExecute?

This is actually really complicated.

Android Device

  1. You need to install this APK from github.  Its used to speed up image processing.
  2. You need to set the screen resolution to 1080×1920

Windows (Hard)

  1. Install GIT
  2. Install the Java 1.8 JDK
  3. Install Android Command Line Tools
  4. Download maven, install info
  5. Clone Reposatory
    1. From a folder you have control of type the following
    2. git clone https://github.com/mgatelabs/FFBExecute.git
  6. Build Project
    1. open a terminal
    2. Navigate to the FFBExecute folder
    3. Run the command
      1. mvn compile package
  7. Run the server
    1. open a terminal
    2. Navigate to the FFBExecute/working folder
    3. Run the command
      1. java -jar ../target/FFBExecute-0.0.5-SNAPSHOT.jar server
    4. Open a browser to
      1. http://YOURMACHINEIP:8080/ffbe

Raspberry PI

Mac OS X


  • What about other screen resolutions?
    • Possible if the required views have been created.  This is a time consuming task.