Supported External Content

Currently Available

iOS Edition

Google Drive

Supports streaming media content


Supports streaming media content


Supports streaming media content

SanDisk iXpand Drives

Can play media from drive.

Limited to only a few drive types.

Oculus/Meta Quest Edition


Supports streaming media content



Available Later

iOS Edition

Files Integration

Play content that available from the “Files” app.

  • Flash Drives via Lightning to USB Adapter (Amazon Affiliate Link)
  • Content inside other Apps
  • Dropbox (But it has to download 1st)
  • Google Drive (Flaky, just use existing integration)

Custom Skyboxes

Instructions for Quest Edition

Create a custom skybox

  • Install Unity, minimal version 2021.3.3f1
    • The HUB version makes upgrading easier
  • Download this Git Repository
  • Open the downloaded Git Repository with Unity
  • For 2D background replace the file Assets/Input/2D/image.jpg with your own Spherical image
    • Keep the image under 4096×4096
    • You don’t need to maintain the aspect ratio
  • You need to replace the file Assets/Input/2D/Preview.png with your own preview image
    • This should be a simple view of the skybox or something to symbolize it
    • Image shall be 128×128 in size
    • Transparency is allowed
  • Modify the JSON file Assets/Input/2D/info.json with information about the Skybox
    • Version should be “1.0”
    • Name should be the simple description of your skybox. Less then 64 characters in length
    • Author should be your identity, like John Smith. Less then 64 characters in length
    • License isn’t really used, but you can write something here
    • Description should be a long description of the skybox
  • Execute the build process by using the menu action Assets/Build 2B Skybox
    • You may need to execute this a few times
  • Look in the folder Assets/Output/2D and a file skybox.skizip should exist, if it doesn’t run the previous step again
    • This skyzip file is what you need to distribute, and you should change the front part of the name to make more sense, like city.skyzip.

Using the custom skybox

  • To install the skyzip file, copy the file over to your Quest
    • For example put it inside the devices Downloads folder.
  • Then inside Mobile VR Station browse the Local Content / Downloads folder and select your skyzip file.
    • The current background will change.

Uninstalling a custom skybox

  • In the App open the Settings menu
  • Choose the backgrounds item
  • Find your custom skybox, it should be near the bottom
    • If the custom background is active, then you can’t delete it. Activate another background first.
  • Click the Edit Icon on the right side
  • Select Delete File
  • Select Confirm Delete