Mobile VR Station

Mobile VR Station is our Virtual Reality media player for iOS, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Gear VR and Android operating systems.  It handles common media formats and can project them on flat/plane, curved, spherical, dome/full dome/180 and just about every option can be customized.

For Apple

iOS Phone/Tablet/Mac

The original app that started everything. Built with it’s own custom Cardboard implementation. It is extremely customizable.

You can also use the iPad edition as a desktop video player if you are running a mac with Apple silicon.

For Android

Ported Edition

Get it on Google Play

This edition was created from the Quest Edition, but has been modified to run under Cardboard.

Legacy Edition

Get it on Google Play

This version has more features then Ported, but is harder to use and maintain.

For Meta

Meta Quest Edition

This edition is optimized for running on a standalone headset, all operations are done in VR and it can install Mods.

Mobile VR Station for Oculus Go (Deprecated)

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