Custom Skyboxes

Instructions for Quest Edition

Create a custom skybox

  • Install Unity, minimal version 2021.3.3f1
    • The HUB version makes upgrading easier
  • Download this Git Repository
  • Open the downloaded Git Repository with Unity
  • For 2D background replace the file Assets/Input/2D/image.jpg with your own Spherical image
    • Keep the image under 4096×4096
    • You don’t need to maintain the aspect ratio
  • You need to replace the file Assets/Input/2D/Preview.png with your own preview image
    • This should be a simple view of the skybox or something to symbolize it
    • Image shall be 128×128 in size
    • Transparency is allowed
  • Modify the JSON file Assets/Input/2D/info.json with information about the Skybox
    • Version should be “1.0”
    • Name should be the simple description of your skybox. Less then 64 characters in length
    • Author should be your identity, like John Smith. Less then 64 characters in length
    • License isn’t really used, but you can write something here
    • Description should be a long description of the skybox
  • Execute the build process by using the menu action Assets/Build 2B Skybox
    • You may need to execute this a few times
  • Look in the folder Assets/Output/2D and a file skybox.skizip should exist, if it doesn’t run the previous step again
    • This skyzip file is what you need to distribute, and you should change the front part of the name to make more sense, like city.skyzip.

Using the custom skybox

  • To install the skyzip file, copy the file over to your Quest
    • For example put it inside the devices Downloads folder.
  • Then inside Mobile VR Station browse the Local Content / Downloads folder and select your skyzip file.
    • The current background will change.

Uninstalling a custom skybox

  • In the App open the Settings menu
  • Choose the backgrounds item
  • Find your custom skybox, it should be near the bottom
    • If the custom background is active, then you can’t delete it. Activate another background first.
  • Click the Edit Icon on the right side
  • Select Delete File
  • Select Confirm Delete

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