SanDisk iXpand Support

The iOS Version starting with 2020.11 will support playing Video, Photo and Subtitles content from a SanDisk iXpand Drive (Amazon Affiliate Link). It may not be appropriate for everyone, but if you have a large amount of VR 180 content and you’re Phone’s memory can’t handle it all, an external drive may be the solution for you.

We’re having issues contacting the SanDisk iXpand integration teams, so only a limited selection of devices will work with the app. The modal number SDIX60N-256G-GN6NE is verified to be working with the app at this time.


  • Save a large amount of movies & images to an external device
  • Transfer files via you’re computer
  • Keep content off shared devices


  • Please ensure you’re Cardboard device has space for the drive to be poking out the side
  • The same restrictions as local content still apply, videos must be formatted appropriately