The first question is, do you have a DLNA/UPNP device on your local network?

Built into your router?

Does your router have a USB slot? If it does then your router more then likely supports DLNA. Try plugging in a USB drive and fiddle with the routers settings to enable a local DLNA server to share content. I would suggest searching online for the manual for your router and see how to enable DLNA or Media Server support.

Things to watch out for

  • Some routers have limits on the size of the flash drive
  • Some hard drives will need external power sources
  • You should try to use ExFat format to support larger file sizes [A Guide]

Running a local server?

You should know this already, it just doesn’t happen by accident. But you can run [Kodi], [plex] or anything else, just search the internet for DLNA server for your platform.

If you want a decent and low cost media server for your home consider running Kodi on a Raspberry Pi. The [LibreELEC] project is a good start.

Mobile VR Station Developer


  • Are you on the right network?
    • Try running VLC on your phone, can it find your server?
  • Is the server running?
    • Sometimes you need to turn it off and on again
  • Server is there, but the content won’t play?
    • This is going to sound weird, but is the attached hard drive on? Sometime when the power has an issue attached hard drives turn off.
    • Is it formatted correctly?
    • Try to download a file from the server and see if it plays locally
      • Use the edit icon for download options next to a file