One problem with VR is getting content from an external source into an app.  We’ve worked on basic integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and DLNA, but that won’t cover every need.  Because of that we offer various way for you to create deep links that when executed will open and play in app.  We also offer various configuration option to control the user’s experience when viewing your content.

Platform Agnostic

Advanced Link Generator

Use this tool to generate basic links that will open in the player for Android and iOS.

iOS Specific

Download Link Generator

Use this tool to generate links that will cause Mobile VR Station to download and display content.  This is useful when you need to spread and store content to multiple devices.

Quest APP Lab

Quest will support *.jslink files to link to support online streams.

General Format is a JSON file with the following format:



Value should be “1.0”


This is the URL to the media item.


Value should be “video”


One of the following values

  • “2d” – Flat content
  • “lr” – Flat – 3D Left / Right
  • “rl” – Flat – 3D Right / Left
  • “tb” – Flat – 3D Top / Bottom
  • “360” – 360
  • ‘360lr” – 360 – 3D Left / Right
  • “360tb” – 360 – 3D Top / Bottom
  • “180” – 180
  • “180lr” – 180 – 3D Left / Right
  • “180tb” – 180 – 3D Top / Bottom
  • “pano” – Wide
  • “ffd’ – Front Full Dome
  • “ffdlr” – Front Full Dome – 3D Left / Right
  • “ffdtb” – Front Full Dome – 3D Top / Bottom
  • “eac” – Google’s EAC Format
  • “eaclr” – Google’s EAC Format – 3D Left / Right

Server Integrations


We offer a basic script you can use to generate a link on the fly for user to interact with.