Updated Modding Instructions

Version 2022.11.0 introduced newer methods to install BONELAB and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad mods with little hassle.

Quick Access Steps

The application now has quick access links to jump to Mod folders

  1. Open Mobile VR Station
  2. Select Local Files
  3. At the bottom of the list new folders for “BONELAB – Mods”, “BONELAB – Saves” & “B&S:Nomad – Mods” will be available if they exist

Quick Install Steps

The App can install mods right after downloading them, no need to copy/paste anymore.

  1. Install Mobile VR Station for Meta Quest
  2. Use the built-in Browser to visit one of these sites to download mods
  3. Download the mods you want
    • It is important to also note if a mod has Requirements and also download them
  4. Open Mobile VR Station
  5. Select Local Files
  6. Select Downloads
  7. Find the Zip file for the mod and click the Blue icon
  8. In the menu select the option for “Install Mod”
  9. In the following list choose where to install the Mod


Custom Skyboxes

Instructions for Quest Edition

Create a custom skybox

  • Install Unity, minimal version 2021.3.3f1
    • The HUB version makes upgrading easier
  • Download this Git Repository
  • Open the downloaded Git Repository with Unity
  • For 2D background replace the file Assets/Input/2D/image.jpg with your own Spherical image
    • Keep the image under 4096×4096
    • You don’t need to maintain the aspect ratio
  • You need to replace the file Assets/Input/2D/Preview.png with your own preview image
    • This should be a simple view of the skybox or something to symbolize it
    • Image shall be 128×128 in size
    • Transparency is allowed
  • Modify the JSON file Assets/Input/2D/info.json with information about the Skybox
    • Version should be “1.0”
    • Name should be the simple description of your skybox. Less then 64 characters in length
    • Author should be your identity, like John Smith. Less then 64 characters in length
    • License isn’t really used, but you can write something here
    • Description should be a long description of the skybox
  • Execute the build process by using the menu action Assets/Build 2B Skybox
    • You may need to execute this a few times
  • Look in the folder Assets/Output/2D and a file skybox.skizip should exist, if it doesn’t run the previous step again
    • This skyzip file is what you need to distribute, and you should change the front part of the name to make more sense, like city.skyzip.

Using the custom skybox

  • To install the skyzip file, copy the file over to your Quest
    • For example put it inside the devices Downloads folder.
  • Then inside Mobile VR Station browse the Local Content / Downloads folder and select your skyzip file.
    • The current background will change.

Uninstalling a custom skybox

  • In the App open the Settings menu
  • Choose the backgrounds item
  • Find your custom skybox, it should be near the bottom
    • If the custom background is active, then you can’t delete it. Activate another background first.
  • Click the Edit Icon on the right side
  • Select Delete File
  • Select Confirm Delete